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If you suspect your spouse or partner is cheating, odds are you are correct.  Gotcha! Investigative Service can provide the evidence you need to resolve your suspicions.  Our investigator will listen to your suspicions, take them seriously, and discuss how the investigation is to be handled.  It is important to be straightforward with the investigator; not giving pertinent information could keep you from getting a thorough investigation.


Experts on marital problems conclude that instinct seems to be the very best indicator of an affair.  Studies have confirmed it, showing that 85% of women and 50% of men who suspected that their partner was cheating were ultimately shown to be correct.  These behaviors do not guarantee infidelity but more than two or three of these at once are justification to be suspicious.  If you think that your partner is having an affair, you may notice the following changes:

·         Grooming habits will change.  Cheaters will be more attentive to their personal appearance.


·         They begin showing up late and make sudden excuses about why they have to leave.


·         Quick trips to run errands turn into timely trips that cannot be explained, mileage on the car is high yet he / she reports only short distant errands.


·         Finding excuses to be away from you, usually “hanging out with the boys (or) girls”.


·         They act irritated if you question their whereabouts or want details of their time out.


·         Cheaters may have a change in sex life (i.e. more sex, less sex) as well as unexplained sexual requests.


·         They become moody, bossy or show irritation towards you for no reason.  To them, it helps justify cheating because the relationship is bad.


·         You hear them whispering on the phone or they hang up quickly when you enter the room.  You ask who was on the phone and they become defensive or act as if they are making something up.


·         Strange numbers on cell phones or voice mail that does not make sense, a lot of hang-up calls or cryptic messages.


·         They don’t want you showing up at their place of business.  If an affair is with a co-worker, the last thing the cheater wants is to have their partner showing up at work.


·         They may act distant or distracted if others are around, especially if the other person is around.


·         They may put passwords on their cell phones or computers when they have never had them before. 


·         Logging off the internet or hanging up the phone as soon as you walk in the door, not answering incoming calls while you are present.


·         Unexplained or frequent ATM withdraws. 



While this list gives some of the warning signs of a cheating spouse or partner, make sure to proceed with caution.  Just because your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend displays a few of the signs does NOT mean they are cheating on you.  It could be any number of reasons such as a problem at work, with family, finances or any number of things that they are not sharing with you.

There are a variety of techniques to substantiate claims of infidelity, but video surveillance is the most effective when calling out a cheating spouse.  It is hard to deny an affair if they are caught on tape.  Seeing a cheating spouse caught on tape is not pleasant, but if an investigator uncovers proof of infidelity, such evidence can give you the facts you need to confront your mate.  Other evidence may be gathered by using a GPS device to track the subject's travels or by using a device on a computer to track online activity.  After speaking with you about your specific case, we can better determine which technique would be most effective to your situation.

Our private detective will provide a thorough investigation and supply you with video or photographic evidence to assist you in taking the appropriate steps to resolve the issue.  You will be able to get regular updates about the status of the investigation and given the choice of how long to continue the investigation.  Every case and client is unique, requiring individual attention to detail.  We consider time, cost and complexity in each of our client's investigation issues and use only those resources that are necessary to resolve their case.  We understand that domestic investigations are difficult and guarantee to be discreet and confidential.


If evidence shows your spouse or partner has been unfaithful, DO NOT confront them.  Your initial instinct would be to confront them about your suspicions of infidelity, but you do not want to tip them off to your mistrust.  If you make your feelings known and there is actually an affair taking place, the accused will become more careful about their activities, thus making them harder to catch.


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