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​​​​Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles.

It takes away today's peace.
― Randy Armstrong


Hello, I’m Aaron Dimm, Owner of Gotcha! Investigative Service.  I’m a former Pennsylvania law enforcement officer with a background in surveillance, covert investigations, background investigations, insurance fraud investigations, computer forensics and courtroom testimony. I have used creative and innovative methods for investigating and pursuing criminals which resulted in very successful prosecutions.

Gotcha! Investigative Service utilizes the latest in equipment and technology. We have the equipment and training to use hidden cameras to follow people inside of buildings, for example bars, restaurants and hotels, which we do on many investigations.  We have high tech, high definition video cameras that also capture clear video in complete darkness. We have unmanned camera systems that video locations 24/7 up to 5 days, recording continuously for 120 hours. We offer GPS surveillance to track vehicles 24/7. We understand that surveillance has a purpose and that we have a social responsibility to perform our surveillance’s within the boundaries of the law and good ethical practices.

We can help if you have questions or doubts about your relationship, child custody issues, or concerns about a person’s past. Before you begin a committed relationship with a person or business partnership, be sure they are being 100% honest with you. Gotcha! Investigative Service will help; don’t waste your time wondering, everyone deserves to be happy and safe.

Gotcha! Investigative Service also offers services in advanced forensic acquisition and analysis examination of cell phones, PDAs, and GPS devices.

We have the ability to recover deleted information from most Cell Phone and iPhones.  However, in conducting a forensics analysis on newer iPhones, if the iPhone is locked, it may not be possible to break into the deleted files due to iPhones increased security encryption.  If your devise is password protected and locked, we have the ability to break the code on most Android, Windows and older model iPhone operating systems. With the increased popularity with smartphones taking the place of computers for many people, there is a wealth of information that can be extracted.  Even if the files have been deleted, and the phone was restored back to factory settings.

*IMPORTANT: If you need analysis done on a devise, STOP USING IT.  Place the device on “Airplane” mode and if possible, remove the battery until analysis can be done.  

Our Expertise

Infidelity Investigations

We will provide a thorough investigation and supply you with video evidence.

Background Investigations

​Comprehensive background reports for:

Premarital; Employment; Landlord/Tenant and Fraud

Workers’ Compensation fraud investigation 

​Our investigators can conduct investigations any time in virtually any type of environment.

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